Feet First

Feet 1st is a low cost toe nail cutting service, managed by The CVO East Ayrshire for anyone who is unable to cut their own toenails.

It is delivered by the service team leader, Diane McNally, who manages a team of volunteers, all of whom have undertaken appropriate training and are supported by the NHS Podiatry Team.

When phoning for an appointment you will be asked some basic health questions and then an appointment will be made at a clinic of your choice. At the first visit customers are required to buy a nail care kit from us costing £8 which they keep and bring to subsequent appointments.  There is a small charge of £7 per clinic appointment for nail cutting.

At every appointment, we will perform a visual inspection of your feet, check for a foot pulse and also test the sensation on your feet.  If any problems are found during this inspection we will refer you to the NHS Podiatry Service for treatment.

Home visits can be arranged for individuals who are house bound or have no access to transport.

The service is available on weekdays at various clinics throughout East Ayrshire. If you would like further information about this service or would like to make an appointment please call 01563 574000 or email diane.mcnally@cvoea.co.uk