Positive Destinations Course

We are excited to be accepting expression of interest/referral forms for a new cohort of trainees on the Positive Destinations Course. This course is opened to anyone age 16-26 years that has had care experience at some point – residential, foster, kinship, adopted or looked after at home with support.
The course will begin soon and will be delivered over 26 weeks and won’t affect any current benefits our trainees may receive. We have expanded these training opportunities into different vocational role in different suitable industries. We are offering work skill opportunities in various of our social enterprises.
WG13 is a national award winning social enterprise that was developed as an avenue into employment, creating a café/restaurant and venue space where we could offer commercial work experience in a supportive environment.
Positive Destinations, Double-decker catering bus called Positive Destinations @ WG13. We will attend local community events and a unique venue for special events.
Little Shop Big Stories, social enterprises shop offering work experience for young people locally while selling every product from morning cup of coffee to personalised gifts and candles. These products also tackle a huge range of social and environmental issues, from homelessness and mental health to global food waste.
Grafix Print Studio, a Social enterprise print shop offering creative training and work experience placements for East Ayrshire residents to build the confidence and improve their chances of gaining employment.
Media and Marketing, with technology playing an ever-increasing role in the creative industries, careers in marketing, advertising requires young people to have digital skills
All our bespoke courses have been developed in partnership with Ayrshire College which offers the Certificate of Work Readiness. Our Job coaches work alongside our trainees and use systematic instruction techniques to break down complex tasks into manageable learning, build confidence and offer support with external issues affecting their lives. Successful completion of this award offers the young person improved job prospects and transferable skills in self-evaluation, planning and goal setting that can be applied to any workplace.
We have developed and refined this bespoke training course which has had a positive impact on the lives of our trainees and has raised awareness of the contribution young people can make when they receive appropriate levels of support and training.
For more information please email Nicola.caldwell@cvoea.co.uk