New way for clients of Social Security Scotland  to tell them when their circumstances change

On Monday 1 February, Social Security Scotland launched a new way for some clients to tell them about changes to their circumstances.

With the new “game-changing” Scottish Child Payment which started on Monday 15 February – with the first eligible families due to get payments from the end of this month – and Best Start Foods, we are now delivering two benefits with recurring payments.

We want to make it as easy as possible for clients to let us know if their circumstances change. That is why we have made a new online form available so that people can advise us of changes. People can access this 24 hours a day, seven days a week through, meaning they can do this at the time that suits them best.

People in receipt of Best Start Foods and Scottish Child Payment will be able to use the form to tell us if:

  • they have changed their name
  • they have changed their address
  • they are no longer receiving a qualifying benefit
  • the number of children they or their partner look after has increased or decreased
  • their phone number or email address has changed
  • they or their partner is less than 24 weeks pregnant. If they are over 24 weeks, they may be eligible for Best Start Grant Pregnancy and Baby Payment and will therefore be directed to the Best Start Grant/Foods application

We would encourage clients to let us know as soon as they can about any changes to their circumstances to avoid any problems with their application or payment.

Clients need to let us know if their circumstances change to ensure they get all the money they are entitled to.

If circumstances change and clients do not tell us, they may get a payment by mistake. If this happens, they may be asked to pay the money back.

If a client doesn’t tell us about their change of circumstance straight away, they may be breaking the law.

Clients can access the form at