Catering Bus from WG13 & CVO East Ayrshire – seeking partners

CVO East Ayrshire is seeking partners to work alongside to help engage with the most vulnerable residents in East Ayrshire. By using our double-decker catering bus “Positive Destinations” we hope to deliver essential services at a local level and increase access to supports during this difficult time.

We would like to use our bus to focus on those areas where we believe we can achieve the greatest impact through working together at the heart of the communities we serve. This service will also create training opportunities for care experienced to develop skills, gain qualifications and increase their chances of sustaining employment

We are aware that any service provision will need to be compliant with all relevant Scottish Government legislation and restrictions however we are open to any ideas that partners may have which they feel would help them promote their services or enable service users to access services at a local level.

If you are interested in exploring how we could work together please email

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