A budget for wellbeing, recovery and renewal

Today East Ayrshire Council launches an online conversation as part of its annual budget setting arrangements.

Following the Scottish Government’s funding announcement on Thursday 28 January, plans for the Council’s 2021/22 budget are currently being finalised. With a continued focus on recovery and renewal in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, plans include investment to help drive economic recovery, bolster public services and support families and communities.

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on local communities – it has changed the way we live; it has changed the way we work and it has changed the way we do business – and the Council is keen to ensure that future spending and investment priorities reflect the voice of communities as part of East Ayrshire’s recovery and renewal.

Throughout the pandemic, the Council has focused on supporting the immediate needs of local communities and making sure that the most vulnerable were looked after. New ways of working have been developed across the organisation as part of the Transformation Strategy, putting boundaries aside and people and communities first. The Council’s budget plan for the year ahead sets out its spending commitments and ambitions for the future, reaffirming investment in key services that support local communities and put people and communities at the heart of East Ayrshire’s recovery and renewal plans.

Elected members across all parties have unanimously agreed that the budget for the forthcoming year should focus on recovery and renewal, with a particular focus on Wellbeing, Economy & Environment and Children and Young People.

Throughout the pandemic, these three themes have consistently emerged as priorities and will be reflected in the 2021/22 budget proposals.
Community power is key to recovery and renewal and this year’s Vibrant Voices budget conversations will give individuals, businesses and communities an opportunity to feed into the 2021/22 budget planning process.

You can complete the survey online or email:


The 2021/22 Vibrant Voices budget consultation will commence today, Monday 8 February and will run online until Sunday 21 February 2021.

Finalised proposals for the 2021/22 budget will be presented to Elected Members for approval in early March 2021.

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  1. I think your consultations are difficult and hard to access properly for people who don’t understand the process. I am fairly used to this but I always feel a bit cheated as I don’t like the way some questions are put. Also how many folk who actually take the survey is open to questions. There are so many people not engaged with all of this, so I often wonder if it is a true reflection on the need.

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