Training Schedule

We host a whole range of training and events for our members, deliver both by our own staff and partner agencies.  Check back regularly – new session are always being added.

To book a spot just click the Eventbrite link and follow the instructions. Thanks.



Evaluation Workshop 3rd July 2-4pm
Sustainability Workshop 12th July 10am - 12
OSCR reports workshop 17th July 2-4pm
Fundraising & the Law (Nuts & Bolts) 26th July 2-4pm


Evaluation Workshop 1st August 2-4pm
Intro to Charity Law 7th August 2-4pm
So you want to employ staff… 16th August 10am -12
Committee Skills 21st August 2-4pm
Leadership Skills 28th August 2-4pm


Community Fundraising (Nuts & Bolts) 4th Sept 2-4pm
Evaluation workshop 7th Sept 10am -12


Evaluation Workshop 2nd October 2-4pm
Trustees Roles & Responsibilities 4th October 10am-12
Organisation Health Check 9th October 2-4pm
Case for Support (Nuts & Bolts) 11th October 10am- 12
Funding Applications (Nuts & Bolts) 16th October 2-4pm


Evaluation Workshop 1st Nov 10am- 12
Intro to Charity Law 6th Nov 2-4pm
Fundraising volunteers (Nuts & Bolts) 13th Nov 2-4pm
Intro to Book Keeping 22nd Nov 10-12:30pm
OSCR reports workshop 27th Nov 2-4pm
Sustainability Workshop 29th Nov 10am - 12


Evaluation workshop 4th Dec 2-4pm
Intro to SCIOs 6th Dec 10am-12
Leadership Skills 11th Dec 2-4pm
Corporate Fundraising (Nuts & Bolts) 13th Dec 2-4pm



Evaluation Workshop 15th January 2-4pm
Committee skills 17th January 10am-12
Funding Applications (Nuts & Bolts) 22nd January 2-4pm
OSCR reports workshop 24th January 10am-12
Intro to Book-keeping 29th January 2-4pm


Evaluation Workshop 5th Feb 2-4pm
Case for Support (Nuts & Bolts) 12th Feb 2-4pm
Sustainability Workshop 19th Feb 2-4pm
Trustees roles & Responsibilities 26th Feb 2-4pm


Evaluation Workshop 5th March 2-4pm
Leadership Skills 12th March 2-4pm
Fundraising & the Law (Nuts & Bolts) 19th March 2-4pm
Community Fundraising (Nuts & Bolts) 26th March 2-4pm
Fundraising Volunteers (Nuts & Bolts) 28th March 10am-12