Community Connectors

Community Connectors have been in post since August 2015 and operationally active since October 2015. Commissioned by East Ayrshire’s Health and Social Care Partnership in June 2015 the service is funded through the Integrated Care Fund and managed by the Council of Voluntary Organisations (East Ayrshire) Ltd. Working closely with all of East Ayrshire’s GP practice teams and aligned practitioners, community connectors engage with & actively support clients to find and access services or resources best suited to meet their needs and circumstances. In the short time the service has been available community connectors have forged links across most of East Ayrshire’s statutory and third sector organisations. The service is available to any person registered with a GP practice. The project not only provides a responsive and holistic service for clients but also progressively influences the workloads of GP practices by reducing the number of unnecessary appointments.

The response to the service from professionals and clients has been overwhelmingly positive, even within its relatively short operational lifespan. The relationships community connectors have built, and the knowledge and experience professional colleagues have enthusiastically shared, have already helped establish this service as a meaningful resource in East Ayrshire.

We are now piloting a project locating a Community Connector within Crosshouse Hospital’s emergency department.

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