Capacity Building

We offer support, advice, training and development opportunities to voluntary organisations in East Ayrshire.  Contact us to talk about what you need.

Some examples of training we can deliver include:

Charity Law

Everything you need to know to set up and/or run a Scottish Charity.  Covers topics including;
– the Charity Test – how to know if you’ll be accepted as a charity by the regulator
– how to register as a charity
– different structures of charitable organisations
– what to I need to tell OSCR, the Charity Regulator
– how to set up your accounts
– trustees responsibilities
– good practice for governance

Committee Skills

Working with new or existing committee members to look at the keys roles within their structure, we examine the positions of the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. We look at their responsibilities in relation to the organisation, its members and if appropriate OSCR, the charity regulator.

Using a blend of discussion, group tasks and scenarios based on our experiences with groups we’ve worked with, we work through some common issues that are faced by groups and how to resolve them.


We offer sessions on different aspects of fundraising & applying for grants

Improvement & Sustainability

We can assist with sessions on Book keeping, Evaluation, Sustainability, Leadership, Preparing a Business Plan & Organisational Health Checks

Other support

We can assist groups with the whole range of information & advice – e.g. start up work for new groups, constitutions, grant searches, other fund-raising advice, networking & good practice on a range of operational issues.

We provide Independent Examination of accounts for certain groups.